Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Perfect Summer Snack!

This summers hot hot weather and the suns intense rays make the perfect condition to sun dry vegetables and fruits.
I love dry fruits and veggies, and I’m always playing around sun drying my favorite ones.  But instead of using a dyhadrator or my oven I go a little "green" and do it old school.
Of all my tries so far, sun dried tomatoes are my favorites, they are perfect for just about any dish. But after visiting a friends mango farm and seeing how they dyhadrite mangoes, I decided to try sun drying mangoes myself.

It took me several tries and three days of sun drying but it was so worth it!
This is a delicious and healthy snack you can do yourself.

You just need:
-a ripe mango, peeled and cut into thick strips
- a sheet tray, lightly greased
- cheese cloth to cover

Simply set the mangoes on the sheet tray and cover well with cheese cloth to protect from insects.
Place them outside somewhere you know they are going to get intense sun all day. If  you want  you can  take them  inside at night time as I did.
It will take three days for them to dry. You want them to be dry but a little chewy in the middle.

I love this snack and I think you will too. And the best part of it is that you are not going to feel guilty after eating them!

Have a great weekend everybody!
´till next time


  1. I am so envious you have mangoes to your disposal! I love dried mangoes though I have not dried them personally.

    Thank you, Fran!

  2. Might have to make some of this to compliment my homemade jerky! :)

  3. love this! good snack plus all the fiber is super concentrated in them, so it's so good for you! :)

  4. Did you say Mangoes? Oh, I love this! What a great recipe. I love dried mangoes from the Philippines, but don't have access to them as much. This is the recipe I've been wanting for so long. Thanks !