Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitchen Essentials

You want to cook! You want to make delicious recipes! you want to master that space in your house that you so often run away from!... well let's do it!

The first thing first. Let’s check if you have the essential kitchen tools and utensils, things that you cant be missing from your cocina. Below is a handy list I have prepare for you with the kitchen must haves. What Ill recommend is for you to print out this list and start checking off to see what you are missing.

Chef KnifeThe most essential of them all.
If you are going to invest good money in any tool this should be it. Working with a sharp good quality knife is going to help you cut and work faster around all the different kinds of produce and meats. Check around specialized stores and ask for help so you pick the ideal one for you.

Paring KnifeA handy tool for small tasks. My favorite brand is Kuhn Rikon very popular around chefs and cooks because they are affordable and durable.

Swivel bladed peelersA time saver when you are peeling produce and very important when it comes to your hands and fingers safety.

Cutting BoardWell you need a safe surface when using your knives right?! a bamboo cutting board is it! They are made out of different materials but bamboo ones are the most durable and hygienic choice.

SpatulasRubber spatulas are efficient and helpful when pouring, mixing, turning, spreading, scraping.... etc. Having two different types is key; a rubber spatula for cold or room temperature foods and a heat resistant one when handling hot foods. To learn more about spatulas and their use check out Ode to Rubber Spatula by Marnely Rodriguez

StrainerEverybody has their pet peeves, well mine is passing everything through a strainer! Its because strainers are MAGICAL! They can take a lumpy sauce or puree and turn it around making it nice and velvety. Plus its other basic uses of course hahaha...

Measuring cups and spoonsWhen following recipes is good to be accurate and measure everything. A slight change of measurement in an ingredient can misbalance the whole end product specially when baking.

WhiskUse to whisk, blend and whip whip whip away! Important when making sauces, foams and others.

Rolling pinHey we are also going to be baking here you know! so make sure you have one to roll out the delicious dough’s we are going to be baking.

BlenderYou might already have one but this is a handy tool when pureeing, so keep it in good shape!

Other things that you should keep in mind and check around for are: a sharpening stone or steel to keep your knives sharp, you risk more using a dull knife then a sharp one. Also check for pots, pans and sauce pans and a thermometer.

That’s the list for now hope you get your engine started with this!
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  1. Welcome my dear! So proud of this and the picture is the BOMB!!!

  2. Hey Hey! Welcome to the blogging world =) Looks like we're both diving in at the same time!! Congratulations on a super first post, I'll be back for more ;)

  3. Welcome to the fun! Congratulations and Good Luck. I am looking forward to reading your posts. You are off to a good start with friends like Nella & Alan.

  4. Great Job Fran!! I look forward to reading your posts!

  5. Oh a list! How I love them -- thanks for posting this. I'm a list maker and novice cook -- so this is the perfect blog post for me.

    The swivel peeler is a great idea -- so much easier!

  6. Welll..welcome!!! I love love meeting new bloggers!!! I hope you have lots of fun, it should be fun:-)
    The only thing I don't have is a swivel peeler, I must get one:-)
    Hugs, Terra

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