Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you thought I was away, well I was! But now I'm back and with great and exotic recipes you are going to love!! Next week la cocina is getting you right back in the kitchen!
Meanwhile be sure to check out my complete End of Summer Drink Series of guest post at cooking with books! See all the great drinks for you to welcome the cold season. You are going to love them all!

 Francys' End of Summer Series!

Adult Carrot Juice
Perfect for those hot days before fall really kicks in!

Vodka Tea
Warm spice Infuse Vodka with a hint of honey and mint served over ice....perfection!

Apple Kicking Cider
 Gin and Cider, two of my favorites in one delicious cocktail!

Eggless Guava Eggnog
My moms delicious no egg ponche, you have to try it!

Enjoy! And be sure to come back next week for our exotic fruits week!

'Till next time

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